The 2023 National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy Held in Nigeria

Aug 31, 2023 - 05:20
Aug 31, 2023 - 11:30
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The 2023 National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy Held in Nigeria

The Centre for Research and Information on Substance Abuse (CRISA) announced the 6th National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Control Policy in Nigeria. The 2023 2-day National Symposium on Drugs and Drug Policy in Nigeria will be held from 30-31 August.


This year's theme highlights the importance of community-based involvement in drug policy and harm reduction. Sub-themes addressing supply, demand, and responses to problems include the following:

Community epidemiology of drug/alcohol use and substance use disorders

·         Illicit supply and drug markets

·         Availability and use of new and indigenous substances

·         Social and cultural factors in drug supply and demand

·         Behavioral addictions: gambling, gaming, eating disorders and internet addiction

·         Community factors in the prevention of drug and alcohol use

·         Treatment of substance use disorders and harm reduction in the community

·         Women and substance use

·         Managing illicit drug problems with community-based alternatives to incarceration

·         Stigmatization and discrimination against people who use drugs

·         Role of the media, community leaders and civil society organizations in addressing drug/alcohol problems in the community

Papers that are not directly related to these sub-themes will also be accepted for presentation at the symposium as long as they address some aspect of the substance use situation in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.
In addition to sessions devoted to the presentation of research papers, the symposium will feature Keynote addresses, Research and publication workshops, and Discussion panels on professional practice and policy.

The venue of the national symposium is Watbridge Hotels and Suites, located at 11 IBB Way, Opposite Ibom Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.